Welcome to 6th International Conference on Changing Dimension of Water Resource

Water, which is a major formative factor of the physical and biological environment and which provides stages for domestic, agricultural, industrial and other economic activities, is an important natural resource.With the inception of technological innovation, it has become an important productive factor for many industries and a source of power. But deficiency of water results in crop failure and water in excess of the bankful capacity of stream results in flood causing widespread loss to life and property. Therefore, water has to be managed and planned for general prosperity. India’s proverbial poverty amongst plenty is to a large extent related to results from the hydro-meteorological conditions, inequitable spatial distribution, non-utilisation and ill-planned utilisation of water resources. Drought and flood are like twins in global agricultural economy in general and India in particular. Both situations severely affect the agricultural economy of the people. For solving the problems of flood and drought, water has to be sustainably managed. Another aspect is the provision of clean drinking water to the growing population particularly in urban areas.

The 6th International Conference on “Changing Dimension of Water Resource : A Challenge Before Mankind” under the aegis of the National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI) will inspire and provide platform for interdisciplinary approach to address the focal challenges of changing dimension of water resource. Keeping the focal theme in mind, the conference will focus its attention on the research activities carried out in following sub-themes giving more emphasis on prevailing situations in India :

  1. Conceptual changes in Water Resources.
  2. Global and Regional Pattern of the Distribution of Water Resource.
  3. Importance of Water as a Source of Irrigation.
  4. Large Dams vs Small Dams – Advantages and Disadvantages.
  5. Water as a source of Energy.
  6. Maritime and Fresh Water Reservoirs : Ecological Challenges.
  7. Flood Ecology : Challenges Ahead.
  8. Drought : Challenges Ahead.
  9. Flood and Drought : Meteorological Legacy of India and Bihar in particular.
  10. Emerging Global Conflicts Related to Water Resource.
  11. Depleting Ground Water Reserves and their Impact on the surface Ecology.
  12. Inter-State River Water Disputes and emerging strains over the Federal Structure of India.
  13. Water Pollution and its Impact on Health Conditions.
  14. River Water Pollution and Impact over River Basin System.
  15. Lake Water Pollution and Impact over Aquatic Life System.
  16. Coastal Water Pollution – Sources, Consequences and Suggestions for Remedial Measures.
  17. Ground Water Pollution and Impact over Surface Ecology.
  18. Rapid Decline in the Reserves of Fresh Water : Ecological Challenge to Life System.
  19. Global Efforts to Conserve Water Resources.
  20. Water Resource – its Constitutional, Legislative and Legal Status in India.
  21. Traditional Means of Water Conservation and Utilisation in India.
  22. Water Pollution Act of India : Success and Failure.
  23. Any other topic related to Water Resources.

The research papers could be of different spatial scales preferring case studies with reference to Bihar, India and South Asia.

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